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Billy is Nasty to Ant is the third book in author James Minter's "Billy Book" series and looks at the jealousy.

When Ant wins a school prize Billy can't stop himself from saying horrible things.  He is envious and wishes that he were the winner rather than being pleased for Ant. 

Jealously is based upon wanting something for ourselves that someone else has.  As children, we learn by making comparisons with others.  Jealousy usually involves another person.  Seeing them with what we want and do not have can lead us to harm and bring unhappiness to the other person at whatever cost.  These emotions can also generate feelings of guilt and shame, as we know deep down that we are actually harming the other person. 

In this story, Billy thinks that he deserves the most attentioon and a prize because he believes that he is the best student.  When Ant receives both, he begins to feel jealous.  It isn't fair and he's afraid that he will lose his popularity as Ant becomes the centre of attention.  As things progress, he blames Ant for how he is feeling and wants to get his own back.

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1. Billy Has a Birthday - Bullying

2. Billy and Ant Fall Out - Pride

3. Billy is Nasty to Ant - Jealousy

4. Billy and Ant Lie - Lying

5. Billy Helps Max - Stealing

6. Billy Saves the Day - Self-Confidence

7. Billy Wants it All - Money

8. Billy Knows a Secret - Secrets


James Minter is an award winning author whose works include, "The Unexpected Consequence of Iron Overload," "The Hole Opportunity" and "The Tunnel is only a Hole on its Side."

Prior to writing fiction James spent 35 years working in the IT industry an wrote on a whole range of IT subjects including many hundreds of training manuals. 

For more news about the book and the author, why not visit James Minter's website or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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