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By James Minter  


It is Billy's 10th Birthday on the 10th day of the 10th month.

He is sure that, this year, his birthday is going to be extra special.

However, it takes a clever plan and a little bit of his Granddad's magic to really make his day. 

Billy Has a Birthday, (previously entitled "Billy's Tenth Birthday,") which tackles the issue of bullying, is the first book in the Billy Books Series. The books are written to help children form positive values which serve them at this stage of their life. Each book uses the power of traditional storytelling to illustrate, guide and shape their understanding in a safe environment.  

Billy Has a Birthday has been incorporated into the Actionwork theatre show as part of the UK's Anti-Bullying Week 2014.  Actionwork toured over  sixty priomary schools delivering their message. 

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James Minter is an award winning fiction author whose books include, "The Unexpected Consequence of Iron Overload," "The Hole Opportunity'" and "The Tunnel is only a Hole on It's Side". 


Prior to writing ficition, James spent 35 years in the IT industry and wrote on a whole range of IT subjects including many hundreds of training manuals. 


"Billy Has a Birthday" is James's first children's book.  It is the first book in the "Billy Books" series which also includes "Billy and Ant Fall Out" and "Billy is Nasty to Ant."


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"Billy Has a Birthday" is now available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle version. 

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Watch this space for further infomation about additional outlets and release dates. 


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"This is a beautifully written story about bullies and how a young person can deal with both bullies and bullying.  It gives some very simple actions that will help the person being bullied to deal with the problem in a pro-active way rather than a re-active way.   Alongside the wondrful story there are lots of fabulous colour illustrations that give that little bit extra to the book and will help engage the younger readers even more.   I definitely recommend this book to every parent/grandparent, not just those who's children are being bullied"

Review posted on Amazon.co.uk - Patricia Walker - 5 September 2014 

5 Stars

"An enjoyable, very well written story that tackles the anxiety of a young boy who is exposed to bullying by older boys.  Friends and family rescue the situation.  The illustrations are first class and the story comes with the added bonus of a Life Lesson chapter at the end - a perfect way to encourage a 1-2-1 discussion about bullying.  It's good to talk!."

Review posted on Amazon.co.uk - Mimble - 20 September 2014 -

5 Stars

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