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"The Billy Book" series is a collection of eight children's  books by author, James Minter.  The books follow Billy and his best friend, Ant, as they face the challenges of turning ten.  Each book takes Billy and Ant on a new adventure and focuses on a different challenge that they face including, bullying, pride, jealousy, lying, stealing, self-confidence, money and secrets.

Each book contains Billy and Ant's new story together with a chapter of helpful pointers to enable children and their parents or carers to discuss any issues that might have affected them personally. 

The books are also accompanied by their own, free activity booklet.  To find out more about the books, how to claim your activity pack, your chance to WIN Billy Book goodies, or to hear a sample of the audio books, why not visit The Billy Books Website.  For a sneak preview of each book, you can also click on the books below:

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Billy Books Availability

All 8 books are available in paperback from all leading bookshops or on-line from Amazon; as ebooks from Amazon Kindle; as Apple ibooks and as ebooks from Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

They are also available in audiobook format from Amazon and

Visit the shop at for signed copies of the Billy Books, Billy and Friends T-shirts, baseball caps, personalised mugs, posters and calendars.


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