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They say that pride comes before a fall.  Billy is about to find out just how true that is.  It all starts with a small spat over nothing particular, but Billy's pride is too strong to let him apologise. Instead, it sees him dragged deeper and deeper into things that an apology may no longer be enough to put right...

There are two different kinds of pride.  The first is selfless and based upon a person's achievements and qualities.  Being proud of how we look, being part of a team or proud of one's country is a feeling that comes from deep within us; it uplifts us and makes us feel confident. 

The other type of pride comes from our ego which is rather arrogant, selfish and gives us an inflated opinion of ourselves; a sense of superiority. In reality it makes us feel insecure, jealous and has us need to prove ourselves and impress thouse around us.  Our ego thinks that we are far more important than we are and therefore it won't allow us to admit we're wrong or that we've made a mistake.  we justify our position even though we know that it is not based upon what is true. 

In this story Billy is nasty to his best freind Ant and they have a row.  Ant goes off, confused at his friend's behaviour and feels hurt and let down. He decides to find a new friend and when Billy sees how easily Ant found someone else to play with, he feels abandoned, becomes annoyed and convinces himself that it is not his doing.  There's no way that he is going to apologise...

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James Minter is an award winning author whose works include, "The unexpected consequence of Iron Overload," "The Hole Opportunity" and "The Tunnel is only a Hole on It's Side."

Prior to writing fiction James spent 35 years in the IT industry and wrote on a whole range of IT subjects including many hundreds of training manuals. 

"Billy and Ant Fall Out" is the second book in James's "Billy Books" Series which also includes the book "Billy Has a Birthday (Bullying)" and "Billy is Nasty to Ant (Jealousy)". 

For more news about the book and the author why not visit James Minter's web page or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. 

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"Billy and Ant Fall Out"  is now available to buy in paper-back and Kindle version from www.Amazon.co.uk.

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