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We are currently in the process of developing a resources database for you to use, free of charge.

These are totally free for you to download and distribute for your classes or events. These may be used by schools, nurseries, libraries, dentists, parents, etc to promote good dental hygiene in children.

All that we ask is that:

  • you don't use these resources in any way that is detrimental to the "Open Wide, What's Inside?" brand;
  • that you do let us have any feedback as we would like to make this database as helpful as possible; and
  • above all, that you have great fun with the resources. 
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Colouring in chase bug

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Resource C1 - chase away jpg  Resource G1 - 2minute game jpg  Resource X1 - Xmas wordsearch pdf Watch This Space jpg

 C1 - Chase Away Those Sugarbugs -  Colouring and Drawing Sheet

 G1 - The Two Minute Game - A game to help children appreciate how long they need to brush their teeth for. Adapable for all ages. 

 X1 - Sugarbug Christmas Wordsearch.  WATCH THIS SPACE - we hope to have more resources available for you shortly. 
Resource F1 - How Many Teeth jpg Resource AF1 - Answers - How Many Teeth jpg  Resource C2 - Lurking jpg thumb Resource C2A - Lurking answers jpg thumb 
F1 - How Many Teeth? Worksheet - Worksheeth counting our teeth and comparing them to some other creatures

AF1 - How Many Teeth? - Answers:

Answers to Worksheet F1. 

C2 - The Sugarbugs are Lurking! - Colouring in sheet and brainstorm question to list or draw ways to stop Sugarbugs in their tracks.   AC2 - Suggested Answers for - C2 The Sugarbugs are Lurking!
 Resource G2 - Maze jpg Resource G2A - Maze jpg  Resource F2 - Our Teeth jpg   Resource F3 - Fun teeth facts jpg

 G2 - Sugarbug Maze Chase - 

 G2A - The Answer to the Sugarbug Maze Chase F2 - Our Teeth - Facts Sheet about when we get our milk and adult teeth and how many we have 

 F3 - Fun Teeth Facts



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If you have any feedback or are having difficulty downloading any of the resources then please do not hesitate to contact us at: 
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