These fun and colourful posters have been inspired by the characters and message of the book "Open Wide, What's Inside?"

"Eat less sugar. Drink less pop.  Brush twice a day and the rot will stop."

With the Sugarbugs reminding us about just what mischief they can get up to if left to their own devices, these posters make a great addition to any waiting room, classroom, nursery wall, library wall or even your own bathroom wall. 

These A3 posters are available in the Ibex Illustrations online shop

FS Red Copyright JP

We have also developed an A1 Story Poster to bring the story to life on your wall.  Whether it is at home or your school, nursery, surgery, library or other place where children can find out about Sugarbugs, we hope that this poster can brighten up your wall.

The design for this poster has been finalised and is ready for printing.  However, we are currently guaging interest before launching this product.  If you would be interested please let us know at: 

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