OLD "Open Wide, What's Inside?" in the Public Libraries

We are very grateful to Library Authorities across the UK for their support of "Open Wide, What's Inside?" 

The book is currently available to borrow from the library authorities listed below: 

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(Where the libraries are listed as "Coming Soon" this means that the library authority has confirmed to us that it is placing an order for copies of the book and that it will be available for public borrowing soon.) The List was last verified in its entirity in January 2014 and may be subject to ongoing amendments:

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 Bradford libraries
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East Sussex
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If your local library authority does not appear in this list but you would still like to borrow a copy of "Open Wide, What's Inside?" then please do ask your librarian.  

Libraries buy copies through their own suppliers and we do not always know which libraries have been stocked. In addition, your requests do count when a library makes a decision about what books to buy. So, please do ask. 

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Library Suppliers: 

We understand that libraries prefer to purchase books through their own suppliers as the books are then provided library-shelf ready.  Therefore to assist:

We are listed with Bertrams Books.

We have also supplied copies of the book to all major library suppliers. 

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Useful Information: 

Book Title: Open Wide, What's Inside?

ISBN - 978-0-9574399-0-0

Author: Alex Rushworth

If you have any further queries...

Telephone: 0791 908 7859

Email:  [email protected]



Don't forget that we also sell "Open Wide..." posters in our online shop if you would like to promote the book or the dental health message further in your community. 

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