About "G.C.S.E. Languages - Yours for the Taking"   
  • How can I answer an impossible question?
  • How can I eat my homework?
  • How can watching football improve my accent?
  • How can skiing teach me French?
  • How is a garden a great classroom?
  • How can spending hours on the internet be a good thing?
  • How can drinking coffee with friends bring out the Italian in me?
  • How can doodling be a good use of time?
  • How can speaking English improve my Spanish?

"G.C.S.E. Languages - Yours for the Taking" answers all of these questions and many more.

Stop all of your hard work.  Start getting interested.  Pile on the effort.

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The book is designed to give the reader confidence in their language learning by:

  • simplifying and demistifying G.C.S.E. languages;
  • eliminating unnecessary inhibitions which hold us back;
  • discovering new and fun ways to learn; and
  • making the most of the resources all around us.

Keep it simple, be confident and, above all, have fun.

The book is designed to help all students of all G.C.S.E. languages including:

  • school/college students;
  • mature students; as well as
  • parents and friends of those students.
Many of the learning techniques and other skills discussed in the book can be transferred to language learning beyond G.C.S.E. as well as to wider life skills.   
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