About the Illustrations   

The challenge was to create illustrations to break up the text in a way that would compliment the ideology of the book i.e. to make it fun, appealing and welcoming.  

At the same time, we needed to take into account the intended destination of the book on Kindle.  Whilst the new Kindle Fire HD can support colour images, the traditional Kindle only supports black and white images.  Therefore the challenge was to create images in grey-scale that gave the impression of being bright and colourful.

In addition, Ibex Illustrations has traditionally created illustrations in acrylic paints. This book marks a move to digitally coloured images to increase the clarity and the sharpness of the images.  As the book will be predominatly text with smaller clip art size images, these two features are vital. 

skier b
Skateboard fail2 c jpg

 Button GCSE home jpg